Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Kansas City, Missouri

top carpet cleaning service kansas cityTrying to find the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City is not easy task. Luckily for you, you've found Top Cleaning KC, an industry-leading professional cleaning company. Granted, there are plenty of professional carpet cleaners to choose from, but there's really only one best isn't there? Most are okay or 'good.' Some are a little better. But at the end of the day, there's only one top carpet cleaner in Kansas City. We believe that we hold that title and we'd stack our professional rug cleaners against anyone in the business. Our money will always be on us to come out the winner. In the next few paragraphs, we're explain why our carpet shampoo system, steam cleaning, and dry-cleaning system for environmentally conscious individuals is the best in the business and will leave your carpeting immaculate.

About Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Sure, everyone likes a clean house. However, not everyone likes putting in the effort to get the stains out of their carpet and make every room in the house look like a shining example of health and cleanliness. Just think about it. When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned? Did you try to vacuum really well and then rent one of those do-it-yourself carpet cleaners from the store, spend too much time trying to get the shampoo mixture just right, only to find out there was too much soap and not enough water? Or maybe you had all of that right and found out that your carpeting was taking too long to dry, and then you started to smell mildew? Heck, maybe you've never cleaned your carpets and you're living in an unhealthy environment full of dirt, allergens, and mold. To be honest, we've seen and heard it all. There are many reasons that carpets become dirty and many Kansas City residents don't have the item 'clean my carpets' on the top of their to-do list. That's where we come in. Read more about carpet cleaning services by Top Cleaning KC to see how we approach each and every job. We work with any type of carpet including but not limited to Shaw Flooring, Mohawk Industries, Dupont, Stainmaster, and Atlas Carpet Mills.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners vs DIY

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Doing household chores isn't that big of a deal. Many people can find the time to tidy up their living areas, sweep and mop the floors, and dust & disinfect surface areas around the house. If you're reading this and you're thinking, 'Whoa, that's not me at all,' then please refer to the best house cleaning services in Kansas City. Cleaning is a chore and usually its not worth finding the time and putting in the effort' or so most people think. Little do most people know, occasionally vacuuming and using store-bought stain remover is not the best for your or your family's health. Our professional carpet cleaners are the best in Kansas City for several reasons. The biggest one being that no matter how sloppy or dirty your house and carpeting is, we will never talk down to you. Trust us, we've most likely seen worse. We've seen everything from houses that are just a little disorganized to filthy insect infested apartments. Yup, we've made those places neat and spotless as well. Our expert Kansas City carpet cleaners probably won't help you organize and pick up the place, but they WILL give you a superior carpet cleaning that you won't forget. Just like any service provided by our cleaning company, Top Cleaning KC professional carpet cleaners pride themselves on their efficiency and ability to scrub down deep in the carpet fibers, sanitize the whole thing, and even deodorize carpets down to the matting.

Carpet Stain Removal

There's no stain too deep for our carpet cleaning experts. Using those store-bought stain removers like Power Shot can seriously mess up areas of your carpet that you use them on. I used to have a pet that would pee a little bit every time someone came over and pet her (she was a puppy mind you), and I'd do my best to clean it immediately. But as people bring in more dirt and debris in from outside via their shoes, that would accumulate on the still-wet spot. Sometimes I didn't see where she messed and it would remain wet with you-know-what. Then, that mixes with the dirt that's already in the carpet and leaves a stain. Gross! I would use a store brand of stain remover and followed the exact instructions on the can. My carpets were clean and the stain was gone, BUT the cleaning agent seemed to have bleached my carpeting a bit in every place that I used it. I then used a Bissell carpet cleaner to clean the surrounding area and that was more stress than it was worth. What a nightmare. Moving forward, I always had a professional come and perform their special carpet stain removal service and then I would also get the rest of my carpets cleaned while they were at it. Don't try to clean all of your carpet stains yourself. Sometimes they just can't be cleaned without a professional's touch. Call us and we'll use our special brush that gets down deep into the fibers and won't mess up your carpet's color, luster, or shine. We might have to go over it a few times, but everything will clear up in the end.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Speaking of pets, ever wonder how people with wall-to-wall carpeting keep such clean households? Sometimes you walk into a place and you can definitely tell that they have animals. Yet sometimes, you walk into a house and it just smells so fresh and clean, then you see that they have pets! Well, chances are that they just had their carpets treated with a pet stain and odor removal service like ours at Top Cleaning KC. I'm sure you understand the seriousness of pet stains and odors from the previous paragraphs. However, you should be aware that living in a house with pet urine and maybe even feces in the carpet is not a healthy environment at all and can lead to serious health problems. Call our carpet cleaning professionals today if you think that this is a problem and we'll send someone out to do a deep stain removal for you. We'll sanitize the rugs and carpeting throughout your home and even deodorize every room with our carpet cleaning machines.

The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City for Offices, Hospitals, Churches, Schools, and More!

If you're a property manager of an apartment complex, an office building, or other industrial office space, then clean carpets are probably a constant stressor for you. No facilities maintenance manager or property manager is going to try to clean the carpeting themselves. They always hire a professional carpet cleaner. Throughout Kansas City commercial carpet cleaning services all say pretty much the same thing. They state that they're the best commercial carpet cleaning company and that no one can beat their prices. Here's the deal. They may not be able to be beaten on prices, but they definitely can be beaten on service. We've taken over many commercial carpet cleaning contracts for that very reason. The facilities manager would come to us and say that they're getting their office carpets cleaned for this much, but they did a bad job and there's still dirt and stains. They'll ask us if we can match the price, and usually the answer is no. We then go in and do a quick carpet cleaning demonstration and then they hire us to take over the contract' even though we were more expensive. After all, why pay a commercial carpet cleaning company to do a job if someone else is just going to have to come in and do it again? Well, you wouldn't and neither do most property managers. We take over commercial carpet cleaning contracts every week it seems, for this very reason.

Area Rug Cleaning

You may not have wall-to-wall carpeting because you have hard wood floors, laminate, marble, or whatever makes you happy. We can almost guarantee that you have an area rug or two though. No, we don't need to come to your house for a pick up and drop off kind of service. We can clean your area rug right there in your home. We have several technicians that excel at area rug cleaning and can get your rugs spotless and dried in no time at all.

Upholstery Cleaning

While you're at it, don't you think that your upholstery could use a nice little cleanse as well? A lot of Kansas City residents will get our upholstery cleaning service as an add-on feature to our main carpet cleaner service due to the affordability and immaculate results. With stain removal and deodorizing, our upholstery cleaners will make your furniture look brand new. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have friends, guests, and family members over and they are impressed with how clean everything is! This service is extremely affordable as an add-on service or we can also clean your upholstery as a standalone job as well.

It's Hard to Find Good Carpet Cleaners in Kansas City

Like we've mentioned above, several companies can claim to be the best carpet cleaning service in Kansas City based on price alone, but are they really that great? If you've been using a run-of-the-mill carpet cleaner for a while and you'd like a little taste of the good life, give us a call. Our professional carpet cleaners are standing by!

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