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top house cleaning service kansas cityThank you for your interest in Top Cleaning KC, the best housekeeping service in Kansas City, MO. We realize that you have many options when it comes to affordable house cleaning and we truly appreciate your consideration. There are so many housekeepers in the area that you’re probably suffering from paralysis from analysis. Don’t worry, we get it. Many of our professional house cleaners we have on staff came from previous cleaning agencies and we keep hearing names of new ones every week. When it comes to house cleaning, Kansas City seems like a very competitive market. This is one of the reasons why our maids have come to our company for employment. We constantly have new houses in need of a housekeeping service and while being a professional maid isn’t the most rewarding position in the Midwest, it sure does pay the bills, makes our customers happy, and provides a real value in the marketplace.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll go over how hiring a housekeeper can make your life a whole lot easier. We’ll cover the ins and outs of the maid services that we offer. We’ll even give you a few tips on how to better clean your own house if you prefer to do it yourself. After all, a house cleaner under our employment can’t be there at every hour of the day to clean up every little mess or tidy up your kid’s rooms while they’re sleeping. That mess is up to you and we want you to have all of the best house cleaning information at your fingertips. Welcome to Top Cleaning KC.

About Our House Cleaning Services

Hate doing daily and weekly chores around the house? No worries. When it comes to housekeeping, Kansas City residents like yourself can now enjoy a neat and orderly home on a continual basis without the hassle of putting in the effort. Even the most filthy houses are no match for our professional housekeepers. Here’s a recent instance of an actual customer reporting how much the house and office cleaning services by Top Cleaning KC has given her more time to spend with her family and do the things she loves to do on the weekends… and not having to clean! Let’s call her Mary (names have been changed for privacy).

The Best Housekeeping Service in Kansas City

Mary would come home every day from work and along the way she would pick up her kids from school. She would do like most parents do and get her children to do their homework while she prepared dinner. During this time, she would also pay bills, clean up the house, and turn on the television for her kids when they were done with their schoolwork. During this time, a few problems would arise. She would be out of something that she needed to prepare dinner, certain dishes were left unwashed and remained in the dishwasher, and the kids were already leaving things around the house. This sloppy situation remained a constant stress in her life until she hired, in her eyes, the best housekeeper in Kansas City. After utilizing our housekeeping service, her home was no longer disorganized. Our maids have the best practices and procedures in the industry when it comes to housekeeping and would always make sure that everything was immaculate before the family returned home for the day.

The Best Maid Services in Kansas City

Our maid would pick up toys, clothes, and trash and putting it away in its proper place. This made sure that everything was tidy when everyone returned to the house. Any one of the maids on our staff would have done this, but Mary feels like this particular maid is the top choice. Moving on, our expert house cleaner would dust off the hard surfaces of the home once a week. She would scrub out pots and pans, rinse them, dry them, and made sure that they were put away. She would wash the dishes, scrape up gum and residue off the counters, and sanitize everything leaving it spotless. A good practice is to always sweep and vacuum before you mop the floors. Our professional maid services follow this to a t and are a shining example of what being the best really looks like.

The entire process made life a lot easier for Mary. She didn’t have to tidy-up anything around the house when she got home and she knew everything was going to be organized top-notch. If you’re feeling like Mary and you don’t even have the energy left at the end of the day to pick up a sponge and wipe down the counter, then our Kansas City house cleaning service is the best bet for your disorganized lifestyle. Don’t worry, we get it. If we didn’t have a housekeeper ourselves, our place would be so sloppy and dirty!

Other Top Cleaning Services Available in KC by Our Company

Everybody has better things to do with their time than clean - except us professionals. Give yourself a break and concentrate on other priorities while we bring your house up to a sparkling clean! Our mission is delivering industry-leading cleaning services for homes, apartments, and commercial premises at affordable prices. To get started, simply contact our staff and get a free estimate for our services. Remember to take a look at our range of promotional offers! Along with house cleaning, we also perform carpet cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning and janitorial services, and commercial window washing (on a contractual basis).

Window Cleaning

Making our customers as happy as possible with our window cleaning services is a top priority for us. We work around your schedule and never show up late. Thanks to our ability to deliver timely, effective, affordable window washing service, we've built up an impressive roster of satisfied customers all over Kansas City. Our window washers bring all of their own equipment and materials and will never ask you for anything. From squeegees to window cleaner, we’ve got this handled. Take a load off and let our professional window cleaning services by Top Cleaning KC make the exterior glass on your home or office building shiny and clear!

Carpet Cleaning

As with anything, carpeting can become extremely dirty and stained without proper care, cleaning and maintenance. Our carpet cleaning service can handle the most sloppy foot traffic areas from bringing in dirt and mud from outside and staining each individual fiber of the carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners will remove pet stains and odors from your rugs so well that no one will even know that you have a pet! We are deeply committed to taking care of our customers, from apartment dwellers to homeowners to commercial businesses! Our carpet cleaning staff is at your disposal, ready to deliver thorough and effective service at whatever time suits your schedule.

Green Cleaning (Eco-Friendly)

Our staff is made up of experienced, highly-trained, carefully-screened professionals. Green cleaning is important to us because our customers demand the best. We use sustainable cleaning techniques and biodegradable products wherever possible, without increasing the price to you. We understand that cleaning your house isn't just a matter of tidying up; how we clean impacts the health of you and your family. We always put your safety first, and we also prioritize the safety of our planet. All of our cleaning procedures are chosen and used in such a way as to keep their overall environmental impact to a minimum.

Our Green Cleaning Process:

How to Schedule a House Cleaning Consultation

If you need more convincing on why you should consider us to clean your house, we have consultants ready to answer any questions you might have about our Kansas City house cleaning service. We are the best house cleaners in KC, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make something right if you are unhappy with the service at any point. This is our guarantee. We have numerous testimonials and positive reviews we can send your way as a testament to our proficiency and expertise. Customers are blown away by our top-rated housekeeping service and will happily send you over a quick note of just that.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be spending your time and energy on cleaning up your own home or apartment, do you? Wouldn’t you rather just hire one of our maids to take care of everything for you? It’s a clear choice. Don’t hesitate. Make the call today and one of our consultants will be standing by to answer questions and go over the details. Every part of our maid service is customized to suit your needs and we will give you a fair price. It’s always affordable and worth every penny. Talk to you soon!

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